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Our company offers you a wide range of products for industrial systems of filtering air and liquids which can be applied in many industries, such as the entities of the chemical, food, space, pharmaceutical, nuclear industry, the organization of health care, microelectronics and other areas.

We suggest you to get acquainted with an assortment and technical characteristics of our products.

Air filters of the company "Laboratory of Filters" are used for fixed maintenance of the set purity of air, according to production requirements. With respect thereto they are divided, depending on efficiency of action - the filtering capability, into 3 classes of purification of air in accordance with GOST:

- filters of rough cleaning, preliminary filtration of air. A filter G class, (catch particles more than 10 microns in size);
- filters of thin cleaning. A filter F class (diameter of the caught particles more than 1 micron);

- "absolute" filters of high cleaning:

- - class of the E-EPA filter filters
- - filter H class - HEPA filters
- - filter U class - ULPA filters

Each of groups is subdivided into several classes according to the determinations which are carried out to GOST P EH 779-2007 (Filters of purification of air of general purpose) and GOST P EH 1822-1-2010 (Highly effective filters of purification of EPA/HEPA/ULPA air)